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For all the information you could ever need about mobile

For all the information you could ever need about mobile phone networks as well as the latest news on mobile phone technology, autoradio android article is your trusted source.

On this simple French blog, statistics and trends are analysed, and new smartphones are examined in technical detail.
Recent articles include a breakdown of the features and technical specification of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, explaining trends in the smartphone industry that have led to Samsung’s most recent handset release.

There’s also a very detailed look at the global trends in LTE connections, including which countries are developing fastest and how the world map looks in terms of who is connected.

The information posted on the blog is of a professional, detailed and technical nature, and would be excellent for research or for industry reading. If you work in the telecomms industry and have news to share, this is also an excellent place to share and submit it for wider reading either for colleagues in the industry or well-informed consumers.

The blog itself is easy to navigate and nicely designed, with some fun design features that make it a little more interesting to look at than a standard industry website.

This is certainly one blog to bookmark if you’re interested in mobile phone technology and want something more technical and better informed than a standard consumer website. The level of detail is superb and yet it’s still easy to read and understand.

As mobile technology and choice becomes more and more complicated, this is exactly the kind of resource you need to be able to make informed decisions about which phone and network is the best option for you, and an expansion of its content to discuss more and newer phones will be very welcome in the future. The wider context of mobile communications is also a welcome resource to follow.