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The Best Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is a dimpled and lumpy appearance on the skin of the buttocks, stomach or thighs. It can be described looking like cottage cheese or an orange peel. Uneven distribution of fats beneath the skin is thought to cause its dimpled look. best cellulite treatment affects women and its incidence tends to increase with age. Most women who are affected with cellulite are concerned with its treatment and removal. With the today’s growing technology, numerous treatment methods have been adopted to get rid of cellulite. Let’s take a look the available options we have best cellulite treatment. best cellulite treatment

Cellulite Lotions

Cellulite lotions are solutions that have special substances that can burn down cellulite. They are typically made of natural ingredients such as Wild Yam, Austrian Moor, and natural plant extracts.

These lotions are safe and have no known side effects. The only disadvantage with cellulite lotions is that it may take quite a while before you can finally see the results.


Mesotherapy is a medical treatment which makes use of different combinations of substances and injecting them into the fats. The commonly used substances that are scientifically combined are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathic medications and conventional pharmaceutical medications.

What is good about Mesotherapy is that is safe. It treats the affected areas with substances that are highly effective in treating cellulite as well as other aging conditions. The disadvantage of Mesotherapy is its potential for local reactions and can cause temporary bruising on the injected area. The procedure is invasive.

Cellulite Laser Treatment

Breaking down fats beneath the skin by the use of a device is how Cellulite Laser Treatment is being done. In conjunction with this treatment, various medications and creams are being used, as well as a combination of skin massaging and skin smoothing with the aid of flat paddles.

The advantage of Cellulite Laser Treatment is that it is non-invasive. However, as for the negative, it may require several sessions to achieve the optimum result, which is costly. The results may only last for a while, once you gain weight or eat unhealthy food, the cellulite will return.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is a revolutionary form of treatment for cellulite as well as other skin problems. This kind of treatment uses radio frequency waves which aid in breaking down the fats beneath the skin. It also aids in the natural production of collagen to help the skin look smoother. It is done by heating the affected areas without putting damage to the layers of the skin. Aside from reducing the dimpling appearance in the affected areas, it can also make it appear smaller as fats are being burned down.

Radio frequency cellulite treatment is proven to be effective in treating cellulite. It has lots of benefits to the skin aside from treating cellulite. But it may require more than five seasons in order to get the best results. Getting beautiful skin is never impossible with the array of available treatments for cellulite. All you have to do is to choose which one fits your lifestyle, fancy, and mood.