Out and Back is a web journal that examines the topics of golf and travel through a diverse array of lenses–from business and the media to politics, the arts and beyond. A sea change is occurring in how people around the world consume media–as a former Senior Editor at Travel + Leisure Golf, which closed its doors in March of 2009, I’ve experienced the impact of this shift firsthand. But as several commentators have pointed out in recent months, newspapers and magazines may be struggling in printed form, but that has nothing to do with a lack of demand for journalism. If anything, people want well-produced news and analysis more than ever.

This site is an attempt to bring some of the qualities that readers enjoy in a printed magazine–among them strong writing, an editorial point-of-view, a commitment to clarity and accuracy–to the Web. The magazine-style theme of Out and Back’s design is also a reflection of those priorities. In time, I hope the visual aspect of the site will be a satisfying part of the experience, too. Editorially, the goal is to create a haven for original writing and, as resources grow, to fairly compensate professionals and talented “part-time” writers for their work.

Is there a grand plan in place to accomplish this mission? Not yet! But I hope that the experience of building the site day by day, along with input from readers, contributors, and others, will provide a clearer sense of direction in the months to come.

Any ideas for posts or features, leads, rumors, press releases, any comments or questions about the site’s design, please use that same address: [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, enjoy the site.


Thomas Dunne

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