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Hidden Creek: A Walking Tour (w/ Bill Coore)

Last week I was fortunate enough to visit Hidden Creek just outside of Atlantic City, NJ, where Bill Coore and associate David Zinkand were consulting on a possible new tee project at the club. It was a sunny, crisp, early spring day, and after a light lunch with the club’s owner, Roger Hansen, Coore and I walked the course from start to finish. The company was excellent and the conversation casual, just as it was when Bill gave me a tour of Bandon Trails just before the course’s opening day a few years ago.

And just like last time I fumbled around with my camera, notepad and tape recorder trying to keep up. I’ve distilled our conversation into the slideshow above. While I’ve taken a few chronological liberties in the service of the narrative, the material in quotes is a fair representation of Coore’s comments. And, of course, the captions that aren’t in quotes are my own observations. Enjoy!

PS: The slides are timed to cycle pretty rapidly, so I recommend pausing the slideshow and clicking through them manually, in true A/V Club style, since some of the captions are fairly long. Thanks!

Hidden Creek Golf Club. Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw, 2002. Superintendent: Jeff Riggs.

Card & Pencil:

+ Hidden Creek is a compelling rendition of English heathland golf in the Jersey pine barrens.

+ Very good hole variety. This took some imagination on this property, which was well-suited for golf but not overloaded with inherently compelling natural features.

+/- A connoisseur’s course all the way, with serious “tilt” value. Those who seek out brawny manmade features and heroic, do-or-die shot values might find Hidden Creek a bit too much “Masterpiece Theatre.”


5 comments for “Hidden Creek: A Walking Tour (w/ Bill Coore)”

  1. St. Thomas,

    Hidden Creek in the Unhidden Raw, just coming out of another South Jersey winter…..

    I love this place and if I had a Hidden Creek on the West Coast, I’d travel 100 miles every weekend to play her.

    People in New Jersey, NYC and Philadelphia should feel very lucky.

    Posted by Tommy Naccarato | April 22, 2009, 1:00 pm
  2. That looks like a gorgeous course. And it’s not even in full bloom yet so to speak.

    Posted by zirrah | April 22, 2009, 6:04 pm
  3. I played Hidden Creek last month and must say while I expected it to be good it surpassed my expectations. It it a wonderful day of golf and I place it in my top three in NJ.

    Posted by Jeffrey Dawson | August 15, 2010, 10:22 am
  4. HC is as great a golf experience as it comes. From the design to the course maintenance and the service, it is one of my favorite golf experiences and I hope to be a member someday.

    Posted by Lee Blaylock | August 23, 2011, 3:11 pm
  5. What a interesting course. I play and work at Hickory Ridge in Amherst, MA and would love to play at this course. Mr Cornish designed ours and lives only within a mile or two from our course

    Posted by Jim Edwards | February 2, 2012, 7:04 pm

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