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The Met Golfer’s Architecture Issue

The Met Golfer has released its Feb./March issue, which contains a deep well of architectural coverage. I contributed a pair of features–one on notable renovations in the Met section and another on the area’s best short par-fours–which the MGA team was nice enough to allow me to archive here. The rest of the section is well worth a read, too. Brian McCallen leads off with a piece on the byzantine history and transformation of Long Island’s North Shore CC.  Met Golfer editor Greg Midland kicks in a bunch of interviews–Tom Doak, Gil Hanse, Rees Jones, the team of Stephen Kay and Doug Smith, and USGA set-up chief Mike Davis. And finally, Jim Frank offers up a quick survey of golf architecture around these Intertubes, which includes (shockingly) the first-ever print reference to this very website!

To read the full issue of the new Met Golfer, click here. The Architecture Special can be easily located in the left-hand navigation. All in all, it’s quite a package, and well worth a good long look.


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