The Upscale Urinal Experience: Diamante Dunes, Mexico

Lorne Rubenstein recently filed a strong review of the Davis Love III/Paul Cowley design at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The course does sound pretty cool–one of those low-lying “tropical links” that are fairly uncommon in the world of golf.

Sadly, Rubenstein did not publish any pictures of some of the “extras” that he rather gleefully mentioned at the end of the review:

“But my favourite Diamante extra was something I’ve never seen at any golf course, or anywhere else for that matter. Somebody thought to mount pillows above the urinals in the elegant little clubhouse that is in use until the real clubhouse is built. Pillows above the urinals? What can I say?”

How about “ick”? I think the “lavender-scented towel” now has some competition as the go-to byword for a ridiculous golf amenity. And with pace of play such an issue these days, the last thing we need is guys falling asleep during their mid-round break…


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