Rustic Canyon: "Low Maintenance By Design"

Picture 17Don Dale files a detailed report in Superintendent magazine on the maintenance practices being undertaken by Jeff Hicks at Rustic Canyon in Moorpark, CA. While the regimen is a work in progress, the course has always done a lot with a little, delivering great golf at a great price. Rustic Canyon remains one of the most instructive golf courses built in recent memory, proving that thoughtful design does not need to be the exclusive province of the manicured private course and, indeed, that low-input, no-frills maintenance can actually be the preferred mode of presenting a course.

Photo: Geoff Shackelford


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  1. Congratulations to Rustic Canyon for the somewhat controversial, yet commendable, decision to forego over-seeding in the winter. Many thanks to Don Dale for highlighting Jeff Hicks efforts in this article.

    Posted by David | April 9, 2010, 9:08 pm

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