The McKinsey Purge Hits GolfWorld

22_cover_lgGawker is reporting that at least ten staffers have been let go at GolfWorld, with most if not all of the cuts occurring on the sales side. One team will now manage both Digest and World. This follows on the heels of six layoffs at Vogue yesterday.

It’s never a good sign when one sales team is asked to sell two products instead of one. Is this a prudent circling of the wagons or a harbinger of bad things to come?

There is an irony here, of course. I had to hunt around for a few minutes to find the link, but here we go: GolfWorld was one of the only publications in the entire Condé Nast empire to post ad-page gains (5%!) in the apocalyptic sales environment of 2008.

The magazine business is funny, innit?


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