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After the Volcano…

As someone who’s been through a couple of genuine travel ordeals, I feel for the thousands of people stuck in transit right now due to the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, but let’s face it, volcanoes are just plain cool. Being a golfer, of course, my first thought after seeing the images coming out of Iceland and [...]

Rustic Canyon: "Low Maintenance By Design"

Don Dale files a detailed report in Superintendent magazine on the maintenance practices being undertaken by Jeff Hicks at Rustic Canyon in Moorpark, CA. While the regimen is a work in progress, the course has always done a lot with a little, delivering great golf at a great price. Rustic Canyon remains one of the [...]

Now This Is What You Want To Hear From A USGA President

Jim Hyler was appointed the next president of the United States Golf Association at the governing body’s annual confab down in Pinehurst yesterday. Here’s David Shefter’s profile of the retired banker, and the text of Mr. Hyler’s address.  One passage is particularly encouraging, hinting at the new president’s grasp of a priority issue in golf: [...]

Sharp Park: A New "Bridge to Nowhere"

…or so Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn claim in the release of Stimulus Checkup, their analysis of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This is a fabulously entertaining read–no, really–written with far more relish than one would expect from a government document and replete with merciless attacks on left-wing puppet brigades, water-safety mascots, and [...]

Thomas Friedman and the Future of Green Golf

Roger Schiffman interviewed Thomas Friedman for the November Golf Digest. It’s a good read that’s over too quickly, as one feels like the NYT columnist was just getting started with some of his “Golf Version 2.0″ prescriptions. Friedman makes a great point in explaining commodities versus technologies, and strikes just the right notes to partisans [...]

Pennard's Hooved Greenkeepers: More Golf Industry Layoffs? (+Video)

Martin Kaufmann of Golfweek has filed a rather disheartening piece from Wales on a movement at Pennard Golf Club to remove grazing animals from the golf course. “For a first-time visitor like me,” Kaufmann writes, “The cattle were an amusing quirk to a tremendous old links. And since none of my shots landed in a [...]

Bronx Cheer: Updating the Ferry Point Park Affair

John Paul Newport of the WSJ has filed the most comprehensive update on the Ferry Point Park project in the Bronx that I’ve seen in a while. More than any golf development in recent memory, New Yorkers have a chip on their shoulder about this one, and for good reason. Plans for this facility date [...]

Golf in the Olympics? Say No to the Pros

According to the NYT, golf, along with rugby, has moved another step closer to becoming a sport in the 2016 Summer Games, as the International Olympic Committee placed it on the agenda for a final vote in October. From the article: “Golf has the advantage of being an international sport whose top players, like Tiger [...]

Bud Shrake and Harvey Penick

Texas sportswriter and novelist Bud Shrake passed away on Friday at the age of 77. He was the co-author of the best-selling sports book of all-time, Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. The passage to the left is from the introduction. I’m including it as it’s one of those moments that writers dream about–aging shaman takes [...]

The Future of Sharp Park: Total Eco-Wonderland

Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica, California is the latest front in the chronic land-use battles that, unfortunately, often pit golfers against environmentalists. This story has many moving parts and I’m on the wrong side of the continent to take an informed position, so I will just offer a few of the perspectives and my [...]

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