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2011 PGA Show Recap #1: Cool Stuff

Last week I attended my seventh PGA Show (and first since 2008), and I’m happy to report that this year’s industry ruckus was the most enjoyable one I’ve ever attended. This was in part due to the fact that unlike previous years, I didn’t have my time broken down into fifteen-minute increments, where one overly [...]

Bandon Approved: The Adidas Climaproof Storm Ultimate

This site can be a little snarky when it comes to its occasional coverage of apparel and equipment, but here’s a good story: After two years of field testing, the caddie force at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, which numbers some 350 strong, will soon be outfitted in Adidas Golf‘s Climaproof Storm Ultimate rain suit. Given [...]

Demo This: Fighting the Winter Golf Jones

I think I finally understand the allure of golf shop demo days. And all it took to reach this higher plane of knowledge was a prolonged spell of mean, ugly, nasty winter weather. Cabin fever, in other words. Here in coastal southeastern Virginia, playing winter golf usually means nothing more heroic than braving 40-degree temperatures [...]

Srixon's Mellow Yellow

Boy, I was really hoping I’d have a new “Hot Copy” on my hands here, but unfortunately for me the PR guys at Cleveland/Srixon kept a straight face long enough to get through this release announcing Srixon’s new Tour Yellow golf balls. The thing to keep in mind is that this is decidedly not a [...]

Cleveland Golf Explains the Groove Rule (Video)

I thought this video effort from the guys at Cleveland was modestly helpful. Toward the end Scott Carlyle explains the timetable governing the groove changeover for Tour pros, top ams and everyday players, respectively. Of course, every company that contends in the wedge sector of the marketplace has an interest in disseminating this information to [...]

How to Buy the Right Driver: Scott Kramer

Veteran golf equipment writer Scott Kramer has published a new e-book, How to Buy the Right Golf Equipment. The easy-reading book helps simplify the process of buying clubs, shafts, balls, bags and shoes — as well as buying equipment for other people, including your kids. The following excerpts are the chapters on buying drivers and [...]

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