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“The Timeless Swing”: Tom Watson

I don’t usually review golf instructionals (I feel like Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” saying that), but when I learned that Tom Watson had a new book coming out, I couldn’t resist pouncing on a review copy. Like most golfers, I’ve always admired Watson–there always seemed to be an unimpeachable rightness to [...]

“The Nature Faker”: Excerpt from New Biography of William Flynn

Philadelphia golf historians Wayne S. Morrison and Thomas E. Paul have released The Nature Faker, a biography of William Flynn, the creative force behind courses such as Shinnecock Hills, Philadelphia Country Club, and the Cascades course at Virginia’s Homestead Resort. Weighing in at an astonishing 2,200 pages, the word “comprehensive” would be an understatement. Because [...]

2011 PGA Show Recap #2: Q&A with Lee Wybranski

At the PGA Show I attended a poster signing with the artist Lee Wybranski in the Fairway & Greene booth. Originally from Philadelphia, Wybranski has in recent years produced one iconic poster after another to commemorate U.S. Opens, Walker Cups and other major golf events. I caught up with Lee to ask him a few [...]

True Links: A Review of Your Christmas Present

Here I am, it’s mid-November, and if I play another round this season I’ll be lucky. So my thoughts have immediately turned to 2011. Grandiose plans unfurl, starting with a dream–which came quite out of the blue–of crashing around the back roads of Ireland’s northwest in a rental car, playing soul-golf at places like Enniscrone [...]

Recession Be Damned!: The Most Expensive Golf Book Ever Produced

Quite the press release just hit my inbox today. It seems noted photographer Iain Lowe has teamed with George Peper, the former editor-in-chief of Golf magazine and longtime St. Andrews habituĂ©, to create “the most expensive golf book ever produced.” Golf Links of Scotland is a two-volume series–the first book is entirely focused on the [...]

Review: The American Private Golf Club Guide

Daniel Wexler is one of the more methodical historians working in golf and golf architecture at the moment. His work tends to carry something of a taxonomic streak–in Lost Links and Missing Links he conducted extensive research into the unusual subject of NLE (No Longer Extant) golf courses, while The Golfer’s Library was created as [...]

"One Look at the Masters in 3-D Will Make HD Look Obsolete"

While 3-D television is still in its infancy, Richard Sandomir in the New York Times says that early adopters are in for a treat: “The best of the Masters 3-D demonstration footage included putts moving toward a camera; a chip shot flying out of a bunker with the individual grains of sand moving into a [...]

"Flight Plan" & Great Moments In Broadcasting

I’ve come across the name of video artist/photographer Michael David Murphy in connection with cool golf stuff on these Intertubes twice in the past week, so I figured that at least warranted a post. The first was with this rather avant-garde video of PGA Tour ball trajectories. Cleverly edited yet devoid of any golferly context, [...]

Vintage Riviera, via Shackelford and Matre

To get us excited for next week’s Tour stop and to introduce a new Guest Photographer feature on his site, Atlanta photographer and gallery owner Robert Matre features this action shot from Geoff Shackelford. I’ve always liked the way Matre talks about photography–check out his Q&A with Ryan Ballengee from Waggle Room here. The link [...]

The Bucket List: Procure Dan Jenkins Bobblehead Doll. Check.

Toward the end of the day some of the pixel-stained wretches in the press tent got a nice treat: an appearance by Dan Jenkins, dean of American golf writers. Hosted by Golf Digest EIC Jerry Tarde and USGA Executive Director David Fay, the occasion was to toast the great man on the eve of his [...]

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