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Chambers Bay Preview (Video)

Ryan Herrington previews the U.S. Amateur for His post also includes a two-minute video I shot and edited while I was in Tacoma working on a feature on Chambers Bay for the Aug. 9 issue of Golf World (print-only, but I’ll provide a link if one appears). In the video I focus on the [...]

Recession Be Damned!: The Most Expensive Golf Book Ever Produced

Quite the press release just hit my inbox today. It seems noted photographer Iain Lowe has teamed with George Peper, the former editor-in-chief of Golf magazine and longtime St. Andrews habituĂ©, to create “the most expensive golf book ever produced.” Golf Links of Scotland is a two-volume series–the first book is entirely focused on the [...]

A Slogfest at Tallgrass

Recently I decided to escape the airless blast furnace that has been New York City in July of 2010 for what I hoped would be greener pastures–a little golf and the cooling breezes of eastern Long Island. First I’d have to endure the waking nightmare of the Long Island Expressway (it’s seventy-five miles of dead [...]

Cornhusker Throwback: A Hickory Course in Omaha?

Thanks to Jim Colton for the tip on this Omaha World-Herald story about a possible Tom Doak project near that city’s downtown area. Here at o&b we always like hearing about new golf developments that have the potential to change the way people think about the game, and this one certainly fits the bill: A [...]

The Case of the Vanishing Tour Caddie

While the world had its back turned to watch Louis Oosthuizen trounce the field at St. Andrews, strange doings were afoot at the opposite-field event, the Reno-Tahoe Open. This blog post from Dallas Morning News photo editor Guy Reynolds suggests that a freelance photographer may have used dubious technological methods (see the before, left; and [...]

Review: The American Private Golf Club Guide

Daniel Wexler is one of the more methodical historians working in golf and golf architecture at the moment. His work tends to carry something of a taxonomic streak–in Lost Links and Missing Links he conducted extensive research into the unusual subject of NLE (No Longer Extant) golf courses, while The Golfer’s Library was created as [...]


The handiwork of a Scottish scoreboard operator with a well-tuned sense of irony. Well played, sir/madam. But it was no laughing matter for those who began their rounds after the sixty-six minute wind delay. Not a single player posted a red number–in contrast to twenty-three par-breaking rounds for those who played before the gusts arrived.

Hot Copy Vol. 6: Donald Trump Edition

It was only a matter of time before Donald Trump elbowed his way into this site’s venerable series known as Hot Copy. And he’s here with a bullet–you’d really expect nothing less. At the end of 2009, Trump acquired a pair of courses from Eric Bergstol’s Empire Golf Management–Pine Hill near Philadelphia and Branton Woods [...]

Golf World: "Arizona Law's Trickle Down Effect"

I’m in Golf World this week with a little item on the early impact on Arizona’s golf industry following the passage of the controversial Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, more commonly known as SB 1070 or, to detractors, the “Show Me Your Papers Act.” Given the hot-button nature of the immigration issue, [...]

Waaay OT: Creed Shreds Again!

I’ve tried pretty hard to keep this site golf- and travel-centric, but I really can’t resist the awesome powers of this Youtube special. Your mileage may vary, but to me it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. CREED!!!!!

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